Psychology of Immersive Environments Working Group (PIE.TWG)

Name: Psychology of Immersive Environments Working Group (PIE.TWG)
Identifier: PIE.TWG
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Chairs: Gilbert, Richard L. (Loyola Marymount University); Nagel, Nicholas H. [interim chair] (Grid Institute and Boston College); Walsh, Aaron E. [interim chair] (Grid Institute and Boston College)


The Psychology of Immersive Environments Working Group (PIE.TWG) is responsible for 1) advancing basic and applied research on the psychology of immersive environments, 2) promoting immersive experiences and programs that are psychologically beneficial, including psychological counseling conducted in immersive settings, 3) defining best practices for the early identification and assistance of at-risk users of immersive environments and the treatment of individuals currently manifesting symptoms of immersive disorder, and 4) collecting and disseminating scientific and professional information on the psychology of immersive environments.



This TWG is open to all members of the Immersive Education Initiative whose background and skills are in one or more of the following categories:

  1. Psychological Researchers/Academics with experience in the design, implementation, and analysis of publication-quality psychological research.
  2. Mental Health Professionals with experience providing psychological counseling or therapy for any problems linked to excessive technology use and/or an interest in investigating the therapeutic use of immersive experiences.
  3. Participants with extensive experience using virtual worlds, simulators, or immersive games and the capacity to thoughtfully discuss the psychology of these immersive environments.

In the ideal case, the PIE.TWG will be composed of multiple representatives from each category in order to ensure that the perspectives of the scientific, professional, and experienced-user communities are reflected in its activities and work products.

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View PDF version of charter here; use the PIE.TWG discussion forums to review and discuss the charter.



Technology Working Group telephone conferences and/or virtual world meetings are held once a month, with additional telephone conferences and virtual world meetings arranged at the discretion of the group.

Face-to-face (f2f) meetings are one- to three-day sessions held approximately twice a year, with additional f2f meetings arranged at the discretion of the group. To maximize working relationships between the Technology Working Group and relevant standards bodies and vendor organizations f2f meetings may be held in conjunction with industry events, standards meetings, or on location at member or collaborator organizations. All f2f meetings are announced through the group's email list and Web page.

Refer to the Immersive Education Initiative Process Document for details



The proceedings of this Technology Working Group are confidential and restricted to members of this group. As an open standards organization, and in recognition of the need for ongoing accountability to the general public, will periodically publish a public summary of all technical decisions (together with the rationales for these decisions) made by this group since the last public summary. Deliverables produced by this group, such as specifications and software implementations, will be provided to invited experts and collaborators for review prior to being furnished to the general public.

Refer to the Media Grid Intellectual Property Policy for details


Document revised 2009-07-15